Benton Sawrey

Benton Sawrey is a Christian, a husband, a father, and a  leader. He and his family have called Johnston County home for generations and Benton wants to go to Raleigh and fight for our conservative values in the North Carolina Senate.

This community is important to Benton. His family lives here. They go to church here. His children go to school here. He has a proven track-record of supporting Johnston County’s people, organizations, and businesses and has seen first-hand the impact that state government can have on its residents. Benton understands that Johnston County is unique – one-half has experienced exponential suburban growth while the other half retains its traditional, rural character. He understands that a solution for one part of the county is not necessarily the best solution for another.

Benton is a third-generation graduate of North Carolina State University and attended the University of South Carolina for law school.  He is a small-town attorney and helps small-business owners and farmers with transactions and navigating complex regulatory and tax issues.  Benton understands and can fix the unnecessary and outdated burdens that government imposes on the economy.

Benton has been active in Republican politics since 2005 when he first volunteered as an intern for the North Carolina Republican Party.  He has held statewide roles in conservative organizations, volunteered his time or worked on behalf of dozens of candidates and elected officials, and most recently served on the executive committee as general counsel for the Johnston County Republican Party.  Benton has experience working in the North Carolina Senate with its current leadership that will allow him to be immediately effective in Raleigh.

Benton and his family live in Clayton and are active members of Horne United Methodist Church.

The Issues // The Results


You work hard and deserve to keep more of your wages. Smart state budgeting by the conservative majority over the past decade has now resulted in large surpluses: that money belongs with you. Benton will support legislation that phases out North Carolina’s personal income tax to reward work and put money back in your pocket.

Update: Voted to save $1.2 billion in taxes for families and small businesses and accelerate cuts to North Carolina's personal income tax from 4.5% to 2.49%


In 2019, there were 629,898 un-born children killed by abortion in the United States. Our country has one of the most liberal abortion standards in the developed world. The United States Supreme Court is considering cases that will provide state governments the opportunity to restrict this practice. Benton will support pro-life legislation in the North Carolina Senate.

Update: Voted in favor of SB 20 that bars elective abortions after 12 weeks and imposes new restrictions on chemical abortions and other procedures

Law Enforcement

Our police and first responders deserve all necessary resources to get the job done.  The past several years has seen officers vilified and departments face threats to be de-funded.  Benton supports our law enforcement and first responders and has a proven track-record of doing so in Johnston County.  He will do the same in Raleigh.

Update: Voted to increase state law enforcement salaries by up to 11% and passed new laws cracking down on fentanyl distribution and obscenity.  Voted in favor of a law that will expand a pilot program on firefighter cancer insurance programs.

School Choice

Private schools should not be the domain of the privileged and homeschooled students should have access to education savings accounts to pay for the resources needed to be successful.  Benton supports school choice and will advocate for further expansion of the opportunity scholarship program and funding our students as opposed to bureaucracies in Raleigh.

Update:  Co-sponsored legislation and voted to extend the opportunity scholarship program to all students in North Carolina.

second Amendment

Benton is a lifetime member of the NRA and has held a North Carolina lifetime hunting and fishing license for nearly thirty-five years.  Our Second Amendment rights are under attack by out-of-state interests.   Benton will defend your Second Amendment right and oppose any attempts to limit your ability to hunt and fish in North Carolina.

Update: Co-sponsored bill and voted to repeal North Carolina's Jim Crow-era pistol purchase permit system


Farming is Johnston County’s most important business.  Benton Sawrey has a proven track-record of fighting for our farmers against encroachment and regulatory burdens.  He worked with Johnston County officials to bring county land records into compliance with the Farm Act.  Farmers and agribusiness know that they can trust Benton to be an advocate in the North Carolina Senate. 

Update: Co-sponsored the 2023 Farm Act that reduced unnecessary regulations on North Carolina's farmers

Election Integrity

Everyone should have confidence in our elections.  Benton Sawrey has successfully fought in the courts and as a poll watcher for transparency in our election administration and to make sure that our voter rolls are accurate.  He will support common sense reforms so that Johnston County citizens can have confidence in our electoral process.

Update: Co-sponsored S.B. 747 that overhauled North Carolina's election laws to provide for more accountability and protections.

Job Training and Apprenticeship Programs

A student should not have to leave their home community to have an opportunity to train for a good paying job that will provide for their family.  Benton Sawrey has supported job training and apprenticeship programs as a member of the board of trustees at Johnston Community College and will support funding in the Senate to expand those opportunities statewide. 

Update: Voted in favor of codifying workforce development grants, appropriating hundreds of millions of dollars to our community college system for new facilities, and increasing salaries for high-demand

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Clayton, North Carolina, November 16, 2021 – Republican Benton Sawrey announced today his candidacy for North Carolina State Senate. Sawrey will run for the new 10th District, an open seat in Johnston County created earlier this month through redistricting...

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Benton featured in The Johnston County Report. "Benton Sawrey Fends Off Opponents In NC Senate Primary"

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